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Bosch Oven Built in Electric HBG5370B0

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AutoPilot oven: automatically cooks delicious dishes.
– 3D hot air : perfect results thanks to the optimal distribution of heat on 3 levels simultaneously.
– AutoPilot 10 : each dish will be perfectly cooked thanks to 10 automatic programs.
– Control via LCD with white backlight: simple operation with direct access to additional functions.
– Retractable knobs : help keep the control panel clean.
– EcoClean Direct : almost without cleaning thanks to a special coating on the rear wall that automatically absorbs grease.

EcoClean Direct: automatic cleaning system
EcoClean Direct function, energy saving aid for easy oven cleaning. A special coating of ceramic microparticles on the back of the oven breaks the drops of fat that are deposited on them during cooking. Saving time and energy.

Bosch offers telescopic rails for mounting at any level. The guides can be mounted at all levels of the ladder, including the grill level, making cooking even more convenient. The guide is easy to connect and remove.

Uniform cooking – on all three levels.
This function distributes the heat quickly and evenly in the oven, allowing you to cook on three levels simultaneously. Sweet and dry dishes can be prepared simultaneously, and their smells will not penetrate.

An easy way to prepare perfect dishes
Thanks to the AutoPilot 10 program, you can perfectly prepare your meal. Just put the dish in the oven and select the appropriate automatic program – one in 10 – from the menu displayed, such as turkey breast, stew or Roman roast. Enter the weight of the pan and press “Start”. AutoPilot will take care of everything and determine the mode, temperature and cooking time. It will also switch off the program at the end of the cooking time. Since some dishes prepared with the help of the AutoPilot program require the use of dishes with a lid, the inside of the oven always remains clean. This is the easiest way to cook.

-Temperature control in the range 50 ° C – 275 ° C
-Oven with 7 heating functions: 3D hot air, upper / lower heating, air circulation grill, large surface grill, pizza function, lower heating, mild heat
-Capacity: 71 lt.
-TelescopeStop function, VarioClip telescopic guide, independent of the level
– Retractable knobs
– XXL oven
-EcoClean: coated rear wall
-Interior glass door
-LCD display (white backlight)
-Electronic clock
-Heating control
-AutoPilot 10 automatic programs
-SoftClose and SoftOpen: gentle opening and closing of the oven door
-Quick heating
-Halogen internal lighting
-Cooling fan
-1 x enamelled tray, 1 x combi tray, 1 x universal tray (tray)

Technical data

-Energy efficiency class A
-Energy consumption for the cycle in traditional mode: 0.97 kWh
-Energy consumption for the cycle in fan mode: 0.81 kWh
-Source of heat: electric
-Volume: 71 lt.

-Length of the power cable: 120 cm
-Nominal voltage: 220-240 V
-Total value of the electrical connection: 3.4 kW


Warranty 5 years Parts & Labour


Dimensions in mm:

Height 595mm

Width 594mm

Depth 548mm

Dimensions of cut out:

Height 585mm

Width 568mm

Depth 55mm




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