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GlemGas Built In Oven Gas + Electric Grill GFEV21IXSU

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Gas Oven
Electric grill

Titanium Enamel – Easier to clean
The internal Titanium enamel, thanks to the new low porosity technology, prevents dirt from adhering, making cleaning even more efficient. Titanium enamel, much more resistant to acid attack than normal enamels, maintains its luster and color brilliance even after heavy use.

Cold door
The high-end models equipped with triple glazing and the tangential cooling system allow to obtain a reduction in the temperatures on the outside of the oven, preserving the furniture and avoiding any condensation.

Tangential cooling
The tangential fan, located on the upper part, automatically comes into operation a few minutes after the oven is turned on and a device equipped with a thermostat keeps it active even after switching off until the external part is completely cooled.

The ventilated ovens have a fan located on the back wall that can be operated at will to circulate the heat and ensure rapid and homogeneous cooking, with the possibility of choosing between various cooking programs. Ventilated cooking can be carried out at lower temperatures, allowing not only significant energy savings, but also keeping the nutritional principles of the food unaltered.

Oven Light
Ventilated Grill
Ventilated defrosting
Gas without fan assisted
Gas with Fan Assisted
Gratin (Double Grill)
Leavening (creates the ideal conditions to obtain a perfect leavening of any dough using the slight heat of the oven)

Timer minder
1 oven grill
1 dripping pan (MAXI)

Warranty 2 years P&L

Dimensions in cm:
Height 59cm
Width 59.7cm
Depth 54.3cm




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