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Samsung Electric Oven Dual Cook NV75K5541BS

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Energy Label A
Capacity 32 liters
Energy Consumption 0.69 kwh per cycle (fan assisted)

Energy Label A
Capacity 34 liters
Energy Consumption 0.69 kwh per cycle (fan assisted)

Energy Label A
Oven Capacity 75liters
Energy Consumption 0.99 kwh per cycle (fan assisted)
Energy Consumption 0.83 kwh per cycle

The Oven 3 in 1
Thanks to Twin Convection ™ technology, your oven has 2 independent cavities allowing you to cook several dishes simultaneously at different temperatures and cooking times. This function also makes it possible to use the upper or lower cavity individually. In addition, the LED display of the oven allows you to choose the most suitable cavity and cooking mode.

Step by step cooking
The LED display of the oven gives you access to a simplified cooking. You can easily select and control the temperatures and the cooking times, following the indications on the screen.

Precise temperature setting for perfect cooking
Oven temperature settings are essential for perfectly cooked meals. The temperature control function keeps an extremely accurate temperature with few fluctuations, so that your dishes are cooked exactly how you like it each time.

Cook more at once
A large capacity of 75 liters giving you more flexibility in your kitchen. You can cook several dishes at once, or simply large dishes like a large roast, making it perfect for preparing meals for a large family reunion or a party.

Energetic efficiency
The Twin Convection oven is energy-efficient, which makes it possible to save considerable energy despite its very high capacity.

An oven always clean.
Imagine an oven that cleans itself while it is running. With Catalyzed cleaning, the food waste tray collects grease and residues and dissolves them chemically, so that your oven always stays clean.

Efficient surge protection
The Overvoltage Protection feature prevents electrical damage or short-circuit that can be caused by unstable voltage. It detects when the voltage has increased too much and automatically turns off the power supply.

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Dimensions in cm:
Height 595mm
Width 595mm
Depth 572mm

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